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Dangerous bird flu (H5N8), which has so far affected and killed millions of chickens in 46 countries, could turn into a global human epidemic in the coming years, Chinese scientists have warned.

In an article published in the latest issue of the research journal “Science”, Weifeng Shi and George F. Gao expressed this concern after examining the different types of bird flu (avian influenza) virus and their genetic mutations. Is.

He says the H5N8 bird flu virus is spreading rapidly and the number of countries affected by it is growing.
Xi and Gao, in their research, specifically mentioned that 7 employees were infected with the H5N8 bird flu virus on a Russian poultry farm.

The incident occurred in December 2020 and was confirmed to the World Health Organization in February 2021.

The news is also alarming because it is the first case of humans being infected with the H5N8 bird flu virus.

It also means that if certain strains of the virus have been able to transform themselves from birds to humans and make them sick, they will change from one to another in the coming months and years. May be able to affect a third person.

It should be noted that the bird flu (avian influenza) virus is common in domestic chickens and ducks as well as wild and migratory birds.

There are dozens of types, but only five of them have been found to affect and kill humans.

In this regard, H5N8 is the sixth and latest subtype of bird flu virus, which has the potential to infect humans as well as birds.

Shi and Gao warn that the rapid spread of the H5N8 virus and its changing nature are both signs of a serious threat to humans that should not be ignored.

Despite all this information, we cannot predict whether the H5N8 virus will cause the next human epidemic. And if so, when? For this, we are compelled to keep an eye only on the situation.

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