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A unique lunar eclipse awaits us two days later because at that time not only will the moon be complete in the sky but at the same time it will have a complete eclipse but still its color will be red like blood.

According to the details, this unique lunar eclipse will start on May 26, 2021, at 1:47 PM 39 seconds according to Pakistani time while:

A total lunar eclipse will begin at 11 minutes and 26 seconds at 4 p.m.
A total lunar eclipse will take place at 4:18 pm and 42 seconds. And
The total lunar eclipse will end at 25 minutes and 54 seconds at 4 p.m.
The eclipse will then gradually disappear, ending at 6:49:44 p.m.
Unfortunately, this charming and unique scene will not be seen anywhere in the whole of Pakistan because on the occasion of this lunar eclipse there will be time of day in Pakistan while in Pakistan the moon will also rise only after 7 pm.

Let’s say that a “supermoon” occurs when the distance of the moon from the earth is relatively short, due to which it (when viewed from the earth) appears not only complete but also apparently larger than usual. (The average distance between the moon and the earth is 384,400 km.)

The same will be the case with the May 26 lunar eclipse because on that day the distance between the moon and the earth will be about 26,000 km less than the average distance (approximately 358,000 km).

The reason for calling it a “bloody lunar eclipse” is not without interest.

The explanation is that the moon has no light of its own, but it reflects the light of the sun and appears to us to be shining.

Sunlight, on the other hand, consists of seven colors that combine to form white light.

During a lunar eclipse, sunlight sometimes scatters and collides with the Earth’s atmosphere and reaches the moon, but the Earth’s atmosphere naturally absorbs blue light.

As a result, red dominates the light reaching the surface of the moon during the eclipse.

Therefore, when that light is reflected from the surface of the moon and comes to the earth, the color of the moon also appears reddish during the lunar eclipse.

This is the condition called “Blood Moon”

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