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In the world’s most populous cities, smoke-emitting vehicles are also affecting children and the elderly crossing the sidewalk. The solution is presented in the form of a curved wall that prevents toxic emissions of vehicles from reaching the sidewalk and road pollution is confined to the road.

Dr. Tilly Collins of Imperial College, London, first carefully studied the airflow, and then proposed a special type of wall to be erected along the sidewalk. Smoke and pollution will not reach the sidewalk, but will hit the curved wall and be confined to the road again.

This way, especially women, children, and the elderly who travel on the sidewalk will be able to avoid toxic fumes to a great extent. Such problems are common in developing countries, where riders are more polluting than ever and crowds are on the sidewalks. On the other hand, the children in the school are also forced to breathe in the same polluted air and are getting sick. According to Dr. Tully, there is a lot of polluted air at a height of a few feet which affects people.
The curved wall they have built can reduce pollution as well as noise and can be adopted as green infrastructure in the city. They have built a test wall and achieved encouraging results.

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