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Following the development of an effective vaccine against COD-19, the modern company has developed a vaccine against HIV based on mRNA, the human trials of which will begin this week.

The US Clinical Trials registry indicates that Moderna will begin the first phase of its HIV vaccine (Phase One trial) this week.

The first is to research the safety of the vaccine and the second is to understand the security system that emerges from it. Modernism is hopeful that after the success of the mRNA vaccine against Cowwood 19, the same tactic is being tested in HIV and AIDS vaccine development.
This important experiment will involve 56 healthy people between the ages of 18 and 50 who are not HIV positive. In this way, the efficacy and safety of the vaccine will be considered.

Modern has developed two vaccines against HIV, one called mRNA 1644 and MRNA 1644 V2 (second version), which is the world’s leading vaccine against HIV. Is also the first mRNA vaccine.

Volunteers for the trial are divided into four categories. The two groups will be given a combination of the two types of vaccines, while the two groups will also be given separate vaccines, but each will be informed what kind of vaccine he has been given. The first phase will last for 10 months with two objectives outlined above.

After the success of the first phase, Phase Two and Phase Three trials will be launched, which will further highlight the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Unlike conventional vaccines, mRNA vaccines contain a weak and inactivated virus that reaches our cells and the cells learn how to make proteins against the target. This process starts in 24 to 48 hours. In this way, the cells begin to react to the virus in the form of proteins, albeit weakly.

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