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Sesame and its oil are commonly used in our homes. Now, Japanese experts claim that eating sesame seeds and the ingredients in its oil prevent the onset of terrible diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

It has been found that sesame oil, a key ingredient naturally present in soles, keeps brain cells (neurons) and the neurotransmitter chemical dopamine released from it healthy. If both of these conditions worsen, Parkinson’s disease may be on the rise.

According to scientists at Osaka University, the initial experiments have been very encouraging and they are now thinking of testing the patients very soon. Research has shown that sesame oil inhibits the oxidative stress that destroys cells. This component of soles also regularly increases the release of reactive oxygen species (RVs) and antioxidants. If this balance is disturbed, Parkinson’s disease can occur.
Incurable Parkinson’s patients are unable to maintain balance, their movements are affected and they have difficulty speaking. The disease gets worse and worse every day. On this occasion, sesame oil has emerged as an excellent medicine. Interestingly, the shell of the sole contains more sesame seeds than the sole itself.

Laboratory observations have shown that sesamol prevents nerve damage and also prevents many important proteins that produce oxidative stress. That’s how we can call this tasty little mole a protector of the brain.

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