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Experts at the Catholic University of Valencia in Spain have developed a mask called “Intelligent Fabric” that can eliminate coronavirus in just a few seconds.

The Spanish company Vice President Medical, which manufactures protective medical devices, has started commercial production of this face mask, but its price has not been decided yet.

However, the technical details show that this mask eliminates not only the coronavirus but also many other viruses of the same type, as well as the hardened germs (bacteria) on which conventional antibiotics have little effect.
The benefits of this mask are hidden in the ‘intelligent fabric’ which has the ability to bind the germs and viruses in the air and dismantle them.

It should be noted that fabrics that attract certain biochemicals and neutralize them with chemical reactions are called ‘intelligent fabrics’ in technical terms.

For this new mask, the intelligent fabric has been specially designed to eliminate the deadly and dangerous microbes belonging to the Quad 19 virus, influenza virus, many other types of viruses, and the Staphylococcus type.

This intelligent cloth mask is so effective that as soon as a virus or germ sticks to it, it ‘punctures’ its sheath in just a few seconds.

In this way, the mask also cleans the air coming out of its filter and protects not only the wearer but also the people around.

Despite all these advantages, this new “corona breaker” mask can only be used once, for a few hours, after which it has to be discarded.

Online booking of the mask has started while in the first phase it will be sold only in European countries. Then it will be the turn of the rest of the world.

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