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A shocking battle has erupted in Russia. The Russian expert took the money and froze the bodies of the rich people or the remains of their animals in the hope that they would be resurrected at some point. The remains are allegedly stolen.

According to the details, Russian expert Daniela Madudev founded a cryonics company that protects the bodies, brains and remains of wealthy people at negative temperatures who can resuscitate themselves or their animals at some point in the future thanks to technology. Promises are made or their brains are put into a robot.

But the couple had a heated argument and the result was divorce, and Daniela’s wife Yudilova pulled several large cryonics tanks from a crane and tried to load them onto a truck, but later released them after warning. The reason is that Yudelova herself was a partner in the company and after the divorce, she tried to steal bodies and organs from there.

The woman and her team arrived at the company’s store in broad daylight and stole several frozen tanks and put them on the truck but later returned them with the intervention of the company’s original staff.

It should be noted that this is a slightly unserious but scientific method called ‘cryogenics’. It stores human corpses and remains in liquid nitrogen chambers by paying money. People freeze themselves in the hope that one day technology and medical science will advance so much that they will be revived.

The Russian company’s cold store currently holds 81 human bodies or their remains and 47 animals in cold blood, but the cold war has not ended the couple’s battle, as Yudilova has now announced that she will be knocking on the court’s door.

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