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A study conducted in Japan and the Netherlands have shown that the health and illness of a couple living together for a long time are similar.

The study looked at the health information of 28,265 couples living in the Netherlands and 5,391 couples in Japan who had been collected over several years.

The study, published in the latest issue of the online research journal “Atherosclerosis”, found that long-term married couples are not only similar in their habits but also in their physical appearance. , Blood pressure and diseases are also very similar to each other.
So far, it is believed that spouses are the same in terms of health and illness only when they are close relatives.

However, new research seems to disprove this notion because there were many couples in which the husband and wife did not even have a distant relationship but after a long time together their illness and health-related Significant similarities arose.

Experts say that perhaps the main reason for this is that husbands and wives (of their own free will or under the compulsion of circumstances) adopt similar habits and temperaments.

As a result, their mental and physical health conditions are very similar.

The main point of this research is that the life of a husband and wife is very closely intertwined with each other, so it is important for both of them to work together to improve their health. Couldn’t do much good.

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