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WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application, has introduced a key feature for its users under the Google Beta program.

According to the foreign news agency Reuters, WhatsApp has added a new feature in the business app for those who are experimenting with an online business, with the help of which for the first time any business about the product and within the application. Search services are provided.

Matt Idema, president of Facebook Voice Business Messaging, says that, unlike Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp does not run ads in its application, and this feature has been introduced keeping in mind the problem of business people. Previously, businesses brought customers to WhatsApp chats through their product packaging, websites, or Facebook ads.
The feature was initially tested in Sao Paulo, Brazil, allowing users to find shops in a directory within the application, which is part of Facebook’s services. Is the latest feature to provide the best e-commerce services.

But now with this messaging application, not only small companies but also big businesses will be able to connect to this system through API (software interface), which will increase their revenue.

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It should be noted that online business flourished during the Corona epidemic, which Facebook took advantage of to include in-app shopping in its applications, said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in June this year. The scope of Facebook Shops will be extended to WhatsApp in different countries. In recent years, WhatsApp has also introduced shopping tools such as shopping carts and catalogs.

He says the new feature will be tested in thousands of business categories, including food, retail, and local services, and is currently being tested in Brazil, but will soon be rolled out to other countries. It Will be spread to

WhatsApp will provide this update to its users through the Google Play Beta program on the latest update of Android

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