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All the power resources of Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) have been transferred to Power Distribution Companies.

The Ministry of Power Division has met the long-standing demand of the World Bank and other international bodies by removing all powers related to PEPCO’s human resources. According to PEPCO’s notification, power distribution companies have been given the power to appoint and transfer officers to fully empower them regarding PEPCO’s human resources. Discus will also look after the promotions and inquiries of officers. Discus officers have also been given the responsibility of overseeing long-standing and controversial issues such as deployment and deputation to parent companies. In this regard, the companies themselves will decide which officer to deploy where.

According to the notification, all the discus will ensure its implementation after the approval of its board of directors. The Board of Directors will exercise the powers of MD PEPCO were necessary to formulate a formal policy for other matters, including the transfer and transfer of power distribution companies.
According to sources, the World Bank and other donor agencies have long called for reforms in the power sector, one of which is the abolition of PEPCO, which in the first phase has been implemented to a certain extent by 90%. Options are given to the discus. The transfer of powers from PEPCO to Discus is in fact the first practical step towards the privatization of Discus by giving full powers to the Board of Directors. Engineers and All Pakistan Wapda Hydroelectric Union have expressed their concerns in this regard.

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