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Experts from Harvard University’s Voice Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States have developed a state-of-the-art mask that can detect the corona virus in just 90 minutes through the wearer’s breath.

The mask is actually a masterpiece of technology by incorporating bio-sensors into the fabric, enabling the fabric to detect certain biological substances (germs, viruses or substances excreted, etc.). ).

Although such technology has been used in the past, the biosensors used in it required living cells.
In contrast, the new technology, dubbed “WFDCF” (“WeFreeze Freeze Dryed Cell Free”), uses only those vital cell components (biomolecules) that evaporate. Are in the form of

A system attached to the fabric, which uses very little electricity, traps these vapors and separates and analyzes the biomolecules after freezing and drying.

If these biomolecules contain any hazardous substances, the system can detect them in just 90 minutes.

Due to this feature, WFDCF technology can be easily used to detect not only corona viruses but also many types of bacteria and viruses.

Experts from these institutions have been conducting joint research on this technology for the past several years, using which they have developed it experimentally to detect Ebola and Zika viruses.

Last year, in the global epidemic of Quad 19, these experts began working on a mask using WFCDF technology that could detect the corona virus.

The mask, described in the latest issue of the online research journal Nature Biotechnology, has a short system that starts at the push of a button.

It collects some of the vapors that come out of the wearer’s mouth and analyzes them in its small chamber for biochemical analysis.

Once the analysis is complete, the report can be obtained on a piece of thin paper. One line on the piece indicates the presence of the corona virus, while two lines indicate the absence of the virus.

Experiments so far have shown that this mask system can detect the corona virus with almost as much accuracy as possible through a large and complex laboratory.

This team of experts now wants to bring this invention to market and is looking for adequate funding for this purpose.

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