Foreign investment in Pakistan has slowed down

Due to the ongoing political instability in the country and the global economic impact of the Corona, there has been a significant decline in investment in Pakistan.

According to SBP data, foreign investment in Pakistan declined by 85% at the start of the new year. In January 2021, total foreign investment was limited to 24 240 million. In January last year, an investment of ارب 1.60 billion was made.

In January 2020, the volume of investments in foreign bonds was recorded at ارب 1.38 billion. Foreign direct investment in January 2021 was کروڑ 192.7 million, Karachi: Foreign public investment was limited to 4 40 million in January 2021. In the first seven months of the current financial year, the total foreign investment was ڈالر 2.68 billion. July-January Total foreign investment during the period was 78% lower than the previous year. Foreign direct investment fell 27.4% to ایک 1.145 billion. From July to January, کروڑ 236.3 million was withdrawn from the stock market. Foreign private investment fell 43 percent to کروڑ 908.4 million.

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