What is being searched more in Pakistan? Google released the details

During the global Corona epidemic in 2020, there was a significant change in the Internet usage trends of Pakistani users.

The results of Google’s annual report, Air in Search 2020, show that social distances, lockdowns and working from home have changed social and psychological attitudes during the Corona epidemic.

Google’s search for ‘gender equality’ has increased by 40% by 2020. The impact of the Corona outbreak on mental health has led to a 100% increase in the search for mental health information.
During the lockdown, troubled Pakistanis re-examined the effects of the environment and the search for recycling materials increased by 128%.

Corona’s difficulties led to a 122% increase in consumer searches for charitable and charitable activities. Lockdowns and the closure of educational institutions have led to a 250% increase in consumer demand for home education for children.

In 2020, the search for ‘dubbed in Urdu language’ in Pakistan increased by 328%. Consumers resorted to games for entertainment, which led to a 90% increase in the search for ‘gaming chair’.

Social distance became a new way of life, so the search for ‘pets’ increased by 700%. Many people also found ways to make the most of their time at home and the search for recipes for making ‘Easy Desserts’ increased by 140%.

The economic uncertainty caused by Corona has forced consumers to think about investing their savings in a good place, which has led to a 223% increase in the search for ‘stock investing’. Besides, there was an increase in active management with a 109% increase in the search for ‘disease prevention’ methods.
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