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Experts in Egypt’s desert region have discovered a 3,000-year-old “lost golden city” during research.

According to the World News Agency, Zahi Hawass, an expert on the geological history of Egypt, has claimed to have discovered a 3,000-year-old city buried in the sand near the famous valley of the Egyptian kings, Luxor.

A team of Egyptian archaeologists has found the remains of an ancient city in the area adjacent to Luxor, the most important and historic find in Egypt since the tomb of Totakh Anj Amun. Buried in the sand for thousands of years, this city is the city of “Totakh Ank Amun”.
Jewelry, pottery, painting bricks and pottery have been recovered, said Betsy Bryan, a professor of archeology. All of these things have the seal of the ninth Pharaoh Amon Hatap.

Egypt’s former antiquities minister, Houses, described the discovery as a “proud achievement” and said that many foreign missions had come and excavated and searched for the missing city, but no one had succeeded.

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