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A three-year study in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh found that if a lady health worker or community worker were to educate the general public about blood pressure control, there could be many benefits. Are In this way, not only will it be possible to avoid other dreaded diseases in a low cost manner, but it can also save millions of crores of rupees.

In a report published in Lancet, Duke NUS Medical School Singapore released the Control of Blood Pressure and Attenuation, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (COBRA (Cobra) PBS) program.

In Pakistan, the program was completed between 2016 and 2019 in collaboration with Aga Khan University. Thus, in all three countries, lady health workers or community health workers have been trained to note and manage the blood pressure of citizens, otherwise under normal circumstances they focus only on the health of the mother and child.
These health workers helped people with the dangers of high blood pressure, a healthy diet and exercise, and access to doctors. In this way, a large part of the population was helped to control blood pressure at a very low cost. “The aim of this study is to prevent disease and reduce the costs involved,” said Professor Tazein Jaffer of Duke NUS. The study aims to address a number of health-damaging factors.

In this process, the cost of the entire study was noted for three years and consideration was given to apply it to other poor or developing countries. Then stroke and heart disease can be prevented by controlling blood pressure. In this way, the help of health workers can help control the pressure of blood pressure.

It is estimated that in the first year, only سوا 10 per person (patient) was spent on support and assistance in Pakistan and Bangladesh and ڈالر 10 and 42 cents in Sri Lanka. Next, in Pakistan and Bangladesh, the costs went down, but in Sri Lanka they went up.

Given the low cost of this study, it can be applied to developing countries and the price may decrease year by year over time. Cobra PBS is no less of a blessing for Bangladesh as rising blood pressure, like other countries, is a major cause of heart disease, stroke and kidney failure.

Dr. Imtiaz Jahan of Aga Khan University, who is involved in the program, says that one in three people over the age of 45 in Pakistan suffers from high blood pressure and heart disease and other ailments can be prevented by controlling this silent killer disease.

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