Another Shock to the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia – Mourning Period Has Been Announced

After months of isolation from Corona, renowned artist Sasha Jeffrey has created the world’s largest canvas painting. This masterpiece called Journey of Humanity has now sold for 62 62 million, which is equivalent to Rs. 9.61 billion.

The total area of ​​the painting is 17,000 square feet, about the size of four basketball courts. All proceeds from the auction will be spent on the welfare of children affected by Corona. This painting is broken down into 70 parts. Sasha thought that each share would be sold separately and a total of 30 30 million would be raised. However, Andre Abdone, a Dubai businessman, has bought all the pieces at double the price.

In this way, Sasha Jeffrey has become one of the most expensive living artists. However, an NFT video by a digital artist named Pebble has sold for 69 69 million this month, but it is a digital work and Sasha’s work is non-digital. But the 62 62 million will be donated to projects by UNICEF, UNESCO, The Global Gift Foundation and Dubai Cares.

The painting has been officially certified in the Guinness Book of World Records in a spacious ballroom at the Atlantis Palm Hotel in Dubai. This painting was made during the Corona epidemic

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