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People with type 2 diabetes need an insulin shot every day, but now two trials of a new therapy have been very successful. This therapy requires only one injection per week and the medical trial has so far been successful and safe.

An international medical trial report has been published in Diabetes Cure. This proves that in type 2 diabetes, insulin can be injected once a week instead of daily, which will control the disease to a significant extent, ie for seven days. This will get rid of the hassle of daily vaccinations.

Millions of diabetics around the world control their blood glucose levels through insulin injections. Insulin injections on a daily basis are a major barrier to recovery.
Insulin once a week and its effects can be maintained for several days with the new injection therapy. The good news is that its use has entered a phaso trial that proves its worth. It examines the patient’s health, glucose control and all other factors.

Professor Aldiko Lingue, of the University of Texas at Southwestern Medical Center, has done just that. According to him, conventional insulin treatment is no less of a burden, but once a week vaccination is a major breakthrough.

They tested the new method on 205 patients from Germany, the United States, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Spain. They studied all patients for 16 weeks. He was screened for the first two weeks and injected with insulin for one week.

The second study included 154 patients from the United States, Germany, Canada and Italy. All of these patients were examined for 23 weeks. In this regard, the best times, dose and amount of insulin were taken care of. Most patients had successful and safe results and did not need any more insulin throughout the week.

Following this success, a Phase III clinical trial will begin. The idea is that if successful, this insulin therapy will prove to be a revolutionary method.

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