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After a long period of research, the world’s whitest paint has been created, which on the one hand reflects 98% of the sun’s light and at the same time reflects the lower red (infrared) rays.

This paint plays an important role in keeping walls and buildings cool. Compared to other paints, it can keep the surface cool to four and a half degrees Celsius, no matter how intense the sun. The good news is that in one to two years, this paint will be able to sell in the market.

Although we have been keeping the house cool for centuries by whitewashing the roofs. Now, in the context of global warming, we can also keep modern buildings cool by painting them white. Although many sun-reflecting paints are still widely available, they only reflect 80 to 90 percent of the light and absorb ultraviolet rays instead of repelling them.
However, this new paint can reduce the need for air conditioning by reflecting a lower red light and can also reduce carbon emissions. It was created by Professor Xylen Rowan of the University of Purdue and his colleagues. He says it is the whitest paint in the world and is second to none in turning the sun.

According to Professor Xylan, only 93 square meters of oil can be turned on to produce 10 kilowatts of cooling, which is much better than a good air conditioner. According to experts, its special material is barium sulfate.

The color of the colored particles in the paint also varies. After testing about 100 different materials, scientists have chosen the best candidate, which is barium sulfate.

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