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WhatsApp is working on another useful feature to further improve its voice messaging, which will be available to users in the next update.

WhatsApp is working on making the Voice Note feature better and more useful for Android and Apple than ever before, according to Way Beta Info, a website that tracks changes to WhatsApp. Is making a lot of changes to the cache.

According to the latest reports, WhatsApp is working on the pause option while recording voice messages. This feature will be available for both Android and Apple operating systems in the latest update of WhatsApp. According to WeBeta Info, this is a very useful feature because with this feature you do not have to pause and record a new message while recording a message.

According to the demo video released on this feature by WeBeta Info, after stopping the recording of the voice message, you will see another record button, when you tap on it, the recording of your voice message will be in the same place. Will start from where you stopped it.
This feature is currently in development for iOS and will soon be available for Android.

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