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In everyday life, we ​​need to charge our smartphones again and again. Now a powerful flashlight has been made in this regard which also has a very powerful power bank inside.

The light can be increased in one touch with the help of a flashlight in it which reaches up to one thousand lumens. This flashlight can be mounted on a bicycle in the dark or used for other purposes. The magnetic strap attaches to the handle of the bicycle. Then the F100 flashlight can be easily pocketed.

Women can carry it anywhere in a bag, it can be hung anywhere with a string attached to it. Men can carry it in their belts or in their pockets. The power bank’s charging system charges it instantly and turns on the flashlight.
At the bottom of the flashlight is a USB port with a 2600 mAh battery, but an extra battery can be added if you want to increase its capacity. It has been developed by a tactical company that claims to have introduced some of the inventions in the form of this invention.

As far as fast charging is concerned, its battery fills up to 50% in half an hour. The magnets installed in it belong to the neodymium mine which has a very strong grip. That is why they are firmly attached to the wardrobe, car or bicycle and the flashlight does not separate despite the shocks.

The F100 Flashlight is equipped with CREE LEDs for bright light, which emits a combined 1000 lumens of light. The light intensity can be increased or decreased. The other important thing is that the flashlight and power bank are waterproof and even if it falls from a height of one meter, it does not harm any of its systems.

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