Will vaccination really cause death in two years?

A French scientist is currently circulating on social media, claiming that a large number of people who have been vaccinated against code 19 will die within two years, but is it really true? He has talked about the death of a large number of people in two years? Let’s take a look.

Surprisingly, the claiming expert is not an ordinary person but a Nobel Prize-winning scientist. Loch Montenegro, 68, discovered the AIDS virus in the 1980s and was awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine, the highest honor for any scientist.

There are many controversial aspects of Loch’s life that will be mentioned in the talk, but here are a few points from his first claim, which he made in French in a 13-minute video that spread rapidly around the world and As a result, there is uncertainty and fear among the common people.
Loch says that vaccinating a large number of people is a historic mistake and that the corona virus will become more and more dangerous in response to the vaccine. After that, the number of new patients in vaccinated countries will increase.

They claim that if a person who is vaccinated in this way is infected with the Code 19 virus, he will become more seriously ill. He also claimed that he was conducting experiments on several patients and the results were similar. He called the public vaccination campaign a “medical error.”

But nowhere in the whole debate did he say that the vaccinated women and men would die within two years. Someone added this with pepper spice. The only thing Loch was told was that vaccinators would die within two years, but he did say that there would be an increase in deaths after vaccination.

Throughout his speech, Loch did not say that vaccinated people would die in two years, but rather indicated that if the epidemic spreads after vaccination, it would be severe and lead to more deaths. Let us now examine all these baseless claims.

First of all, vaccination in China started in January this year and by May 27, 600 million people have been vaccinated. There was no resurgence of the plague, no deaths, and no sickness or death.

Vaccinations also began in the United States in January, and 165 million people had received at least one dose two days earlier. Now the situation is that if Loch had been right, the new case would have increased and people would have died, but there was no such situation.

Thirty-eight million people in the UK have been vaccinated. The epidemic situation in the United States and especially in the United Kingdom is now largely under control, confirming the authenticity and validity of the vaccine.

Nobel Prize-winning scientists and controversial statements

Loch Montenegro has been widely criticized for his controversial statements and claims since winning the Nobel Prize. He is a proponent of homeopathy, calling the cod virus a laboratory error and accident, and has long been opposed to vaccines called antivirals.

In 2017, about 106 scientists, experts and teachers wrote an open letter in which they said that Loch was taking unfair advantage of his status as a Nobel laureate and was spreading false and dangerous information to the public.

The experts also said in the letter that they also discuss issues that do not belong to their field.

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