The couple’s nasty movements in the Pakistani plane

A meeting of the provincial committee chaired by DIG CTD recommended to the Home Department to issue reward money and head money in 22 cases for killing or arresting accused involved in serious crimes by Rangers and police.

According to Express News, a provincial committee headed by DIG CTD Omar Shahid Hamid met almost two years later on the issue of fixing rewards and head money on the death and arrest of accused involved in serious crimes.

In the meeting, the provincial committee recommended the release of prize money and head money in 22 cases. The accused involved in serious crimes were killed or arrested by the police and Rangers. The accused include Ghaffar Zikri, Khair Bakhsh alias Khairo and Dadu Sabzoi. A total value of Rs. 37 million has been recommended.
The meeting also decided to keep a bounty on the notorious and dangerous criminals involved in the murder of police officers, including Ludo Teghani, on whom a bounty of Rs 36.5 million was recommended.

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