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About 252 million years ago, a large number of living things on earth became extinct, which is called the Permian Triassic Mass Extension (PTME). Now the latest evidence of this has come from Pakistan and China.

In the millions of years of the Earth’s biological history, there have been many periods when large forms of life on Earth were on the verge of extinction. This process was caused by an unusual emission of carbon dioxide and is thought to have emitted 6 times more carbon dioxide than usual.

About 250 million years ago, 90% of the sea species and 70% of the vertebrates on land were extinct in the PTME, and fossils of various animals are found in such old rocks.
The place where the traces of it are found is called by the geologists Permian Tricus Boundary. Unusual emissions of many gases, including carbon dioxide, resulted in extreme heat and the living began to die of exhaustion.

Although geological evidence of carbon dioxide has been found, a permanent series of emissions has not been found, which is now recorded in China and Pakistan. Scientists from the Chinese University of Geology, Mont Clare State University, the University of Leeds in the United States and the United Kingdom have presented their new research in the weekly journal Nature.

Experts also call this dramatic situation a “great death” in their own language. In new research, scientists have traced carbon three and carbon 13 isotopes in plants, soil and other marine life.

Thus, four different periods and places include Pakistan and China, where extraordinary emissions of carbon isotopes were found during the PTME 250 million years ago, confirming that carbon dioxide emissions may be six times higher than usual at this time. Folded

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that generates heat and that is why the ground temperature rose so rapidly. Ocean temperatures are thought to have risen 10 degrees Celsius above average, and groundwater temperatures have risen to 35 degrees Celsius.

Then remember that the PTME chain lasted for at least half a million years and thus a large number of species died rapidly.

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