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Whenever a small dynamic robot is built, it definitely has a battery problem because heavy batteries affect its performance. Now a robot has been created that is devoid of a regular brain and generates energy by eating metal.

James Pike and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Engineering have built a battery-less robot. This robot generates energy using ‘Environmentally Controlled Voltage’ or ECV method. It generates electricity by breaking and forming chemical bonds. As soon as it touches the metal surface, the ECV in it undergoes a process of oxidation of the surrounding air and the free electrons give power to the robot.

According to research published in the research journal “Advanced Intelligent Systems”, this robot can walk in its environment without a computer. Its wheels extend beyond the ECV. It has such a system that it walks on the metal path itself and keeps generating its energy by licking it.
What is special about a robot is that it can work without a central brain or processor. We have seen before in the natural world how bacteria ‘chemotoxis’ process automatically runs to their food. This is how the ECV robot is built.

Currently, the robot travels on a path made of aluminum foil and generates ECV electricity. The robot licks the aluminum like a tongue.

Experts believe that this simple invention could be the basis for many changes. Such robots will be able to perform their tasks in a very difficult environment without the need for batteries.

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