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Google’s subsidiary Deep Mind has begun training its algorithm for weather forecasting and so far it has been able to predict rainfall with 85% accuracy in one to two hours.

It should be noted that the algorithms and computer programs developed by “Deep Mind” have so far been able to defeat humans in the game of mental testing and solve fifty-year-old scientific problems, as well as accurately identify kidney problems.

Continuing its efforts, DeepMind, in collaboration with more than 50 British meteorologists, has developed a new automated tool for weather forecasting called the Deep Generative Model of Rain (DGMR). has been given.
It has been trained on rainfall data and meteorological models to enable short-term rainfall forecasting up to 85% accurate.

However, DGMR is the beginning of a larger project that will continue in the coming months and years, using the same algorithm to provide accurate weather forecasts on a 24-hour, one-week, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis. Will be enabled.

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