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Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar has said that despite the code, the country’s economy is moving towards growth.

Federal Minister Hamad Azhar has said that despite Corona, Pakistan’s economy is moving towards growth, GDP growth rate is close to 4% and it is expected to exceed 4% by the end of the financial year. He said that increasing economic activities in the country are a reflection of successful economic policy. These are not figures of the PML-N’s artificial growth in the last year, but real development figures.

He expressed these views in a press conference, saying that the country’s exports are growing at a record pace, the pace of economic growth will accelerate further in the coming financial year, the wheel of development of industry and agriculture. It will go faster, and this increase will not be based on loans.
He said that the Leader of the Opposition should not be disappointed with the pace of economic growth, these are not artificial indicators like Ishaq Dar. The PML-N had manipulated the economy artificially in the last year and had borrowed Rs 7,000 billion from the SBP by printing banknotes, but our government did not take any loan from the SBP under the IMF agreement.

Hamad Azhar said that food prices are rising all over the world, like Pakistan the whole world is fighting inflation, we will facilitate the citizens through subsidies, we have a mechanism to extend the subsidy to the deserving people. Under which targeted subsidy will now be provided. In addition, Ahasa has launched a program to help the poor and provide social security.

He said that cement production in the country increased by a record 17%. During the first nine months of the current financial year, the growth rate in major industries was 9%, foreign exchange reserves have increased to 23 23 billion, while the current account deficit is ڈالر 250 million surplus.

He said that they were working with the provinces to ensure the sale of flour at controlled rates. Hamad Azhar said that in the next budget not only salaries will be increased but also the imbalance in salaries will be rectified. The credit for the improvement in the economy goes to the entire team including Asad Umar, Hafeez Sheikh, and the ministers.

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