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Frank Kendall, Secretary of the US Air Force in the Biden administration, has confirmed that five prototypes of the latest stealth US bombers, the B21, have entered their final stages.

The planes are being manufactured under “Northrop Grumman” at US Air Force Plant No. 42 in Palm Dale, California.

It should be noted that this project was launched in 2013, about which the Obama and Trump administrations have remained completely silent. However, various rumors and news were circulating in this regard.
The Biden administration has also confirmed the plan, but no details have been released.

So far, however, information from Northrop Grumman and other credible sources suggests that the B-21 will be America’s most advanced bomber, capable of flying “very long distances.”

It will not be visible on the radar, meaning it will be stealth. In addition to the latest equipment, it will also be equipped with atomic bombs.

Apparently, it resembles a Cold War-made BT-2 bomber designed specifically to drop an atomic bomb on the former Soviet Union in a possible war.

However, the size of the B-21 bomber is slightly smaller, with a wingspan of fewer than 150 feet. It will have two pilots on board.

The B21 has a carrying capacity of up to 30,000 pounds and will be equipped with state-of-the-art atomic bombs.

It is shaped like a large triangle to avoid radar. The structure of its predecessor “B2” was similar.

It will be able to fly at speeds slightly lower than sound, at very high altitudes, and cover thousands of miles once refueled.

The surface will be lubricated to absorb radar waves to avoid radar sight. Additional equipment will also be installed to further enhance this stealth capability.

It is also learned that test flights of B-21 will start from 2022 while its limited production will start from 2026.

Large-scale production of the bomber will begin in 2030, with the first shipment planned to be delivered to the US Air Force by 2027.

It is estimated that the US Air Force has placed an order for 80 to 100 B21 aircraft, each of which could have a potential value of کروڑ 300 million to 55 550 million.

International defense circles say the announcement of the US leadership regarding the B-21 aircraft comes at a time when a new Cold War has started between the US and China.

Regardless of the stage at which the B-21 bomber is actually planned, the United States has threatened China with the use of atomic bombs against China in due course.

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