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China’s steady financial support is one of the main reasons behind the appreciation of the Pakistani rupee in the region.

The steady influx of Chinese FDI, Pakistan’s increasing exports to China, unshakable financial support for C-Pac projects and the environment for Chinese investors in the Pakistani market have helped improve Pakistan’s currency.

According to Gwadar Pro, the Pakistani currency has recovered 12 rupees against the dollar. This improvement is helping to increase the export bill by reducing the burden on the import bill, which is strengthening the overall economy.
In one year, the rupee reached a record high of Rs 155.74 against the dollar, an extraordinary increase. In the past, the Pakistani rupee had touched a dangerous level of 167.7 against the depreciation of the rupee due to the appreciation of the dollar.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Dr. Li Jian said in a news briefing that Pakistan has increased FDI by more than 25 25 billion under C-Pack.

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