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Medical and psychiatrists say that if people working in offices and factories are given “half leave” like school children, it can reduce their stress and improve their performance.

One study called them “microbreaks”. This is due to the fact that waking up in the morning and being lazy affects the performance of employees throughout the day. That’s why experts are trying to explain that if companies give their employees short leave at any time of the day, it can be very beneficial.

Microbrake means that at any time during the 8 hours of work, the employee is voluntarily removed from work and allowed to spend some time without work. These include light meals, allowing people to talk, solving puzzles or listening to music.
Sofia Cho, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina, says that even a five-minute break in time can have many benefits. “Our observation is that it is in the best interest of any organization to fire its employees once or twice a day and allow them to do recreational work. This keeps their energy and abilities intact throughout the day, “said Sofia.

In this regard, 98 people were first included in the United States. They were given two questionnaires a day for ten consecutive days. One survey was conducted in the morning and the other after the end of the day. The second study was conducted in South Korea in which 222 people were surveyed for five days. Opinions were sought in the morning, lunch and at the end of the day.

The questionnaire asked about the duration and quality of sleep, the state of fatigue and various emotions. It was examined in detail for five consecutive and ten days. People who come to work for several days in a row come to the office in the morning and admit fatigue and restlessness, people said. But the second time he was given a break from work, he acknowledged the quality of work and the improvement in his health.

According to Dr. Sofia, short breaks at work help to increase the energy of employees and should be introduced in the organization.

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