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Google could face up to 5 billion in damages for tracking users who surf the “incognito mode” by taking advantage of the hidden search option.

According to the World News Agency, three users in the United States have filed a lawsuit against Google, alleging that Google secretly tracks them and collects data when they use the incognito option. Google continues tracking even when users are using options or setting their own privacy.

Users allege that Google has a private data tracking business that collects data by accessing private information and other browsers, despite users tightening privacy settings or using an incognito method in Chrome. ۔
A district judge in the U.S. state of California ruled in a lawsuit that Google did not notify users in advance that it was involved in collecting alleged user data, even in incognito mode, which could lead to severe legal action. It could cost up to 5 5 billion in damages.

Google, on the other hand, argued in court that the meaning of incognito is not hidden and that even with the use of the mode, the user’s activity can be seen on the websites they visit while any third party analytics or advertising services. Uses websites visited.

Google said earlier this year that it was phasing out third-party tracking cookies and did not intend to replace the cookies in a way that could be offensive. Advertising will be affected.

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