British scientists have discovered that red beetroot juice improves blood flow and mental abilities in our body, but the healthy germs in the mouth help the most in this work.

It should be noted that so far there has been significant research on both beneficial and harmful germs (bacteria) found in the stomach, but only the harmful aspects of oral germs have been examined, while their usefulness is largely unknown to us.

To find out, a team of experts at the University of Exeter recruited 30 volunteers between the ages of 70 and 80.
Half of the elderly were given about one glass of pure and real red beetroot juice daily for ten days, while the other half of the elderly were deprived of the important nutrients from the juice. It looked like real red beetroot juice.

Ten days later, when the heart, veins and brain health of all these elders were examined, it was found that the elderly who drank the original and pure juice of red beetroot had better blood flow inside the veins, which depended on heart health. Was also having a good effect. Not only that, but the mental health of these elders also improved significantly.

The same study also found that beneficial bacteria found in the mouth convert the abundant inorganic nitrate compounds in beetroot into nitric acid, which not only benefits our heart and blood vessels but also the brain and blood vessels. Also very useful for abilities.

In an article published in the latest issue of the online research journal Redox Biology, experts say that this study has shown the usefulness of oral microbes and also found that if there is no medical problem with red beetroot. So the elderly can keep their heart and mind healthy by drinking just one glass of its pure juice daily

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