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New research has revealed that patients admitted to hospitals with corona have a higher risk of stroke than common illnesses such as influenza.

According to the World News Agency, a study conducted at the University of Washington has revealed that in elderly male patients who have diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease and are also infected with the corona virus, such patients The risk of stroke doubles.

The study was performed on 20,000 black men admitted to hospitals with corona, 44% with diabetes, 18% with irregular heartbeat and one-third with high blood pressure. Of these, 281 suffered strokes during treatment at the hospital, while the death rate for such patients was double.
It is not yet clear how the deadly corona virus, which attacks the respiratory system, can also damage the coronary arteries and block blood supply to vital organs, especially by narrowing the arteries that supply blood to the brain. May reduce or interrupt the supply.

Coronavirus has previously been linked to the formation of clots in the blood that run through the arteries. Blood clots affect the blood flow, but the corona virus promotes this process, which is still unresolved.

As time goes on, the horrors and side effects of the coronavirus are becoming more apparent, and so far the vaccine has not reached a large human population to fight the virus, so the only way to prevent the disease is to take precautions. SOPs have to be strictly followed.

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