Pakistani female scientific journalist also among the finalists of British Technology Award

Sadiqa Khan, a female scientific journalist from Quetta, is among the six finalists for the FDM ‘Every Woman in Technology Award’, which has been running in the UK for 11 consecutive years.

It is expected that in case of winning, the famous women’s technology award could go to Pakistan. The FDM Company awards women and men from all over the UK and around the world who have made significant contributions to the advancement and role of science and technology in society.

After her Masters in Physics, Sadiqa Khan founded and is the CEO of a website called Science. This website is performing an important role of scientific communication and awareness in the country in a common sense manner. Apart from this, Sadiqa Khan has also written the first novel in Urdu called ‘Dawam’ which has been written in the context of environment and climate change.
Sadiqa Khan is also the translator of many famous scientific books and for this she has been awarded the Urdu Science Board Award. In addition, she won the Awareness Award for Scientific Report last year. His writings and science features are published in BBC, Deutsche Welle Urdu and Dawn in Urdu and English.

The award will be announced at a final virtual ceremony on March 4 under the FDM. The purpose of this website is to encourage women who are contributing to the advancement of technology and science.

It should be noted that FDM Group is one of the leading businesses in the UK promoting business, startups and technology based growth and economy. It also provides training, education and employment opportunities for technology and industry professionals and is promoting 2,000 new employees and jobs in the sector each year.

Its main goal is to reduce the gender gap in science and technology and to provide better opportunities for women.

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