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It seems that YouTube has decided to tweak its shorts, ie dedicated videos. It has been announced that YouTube will provide a total of کروڑ 100 million to help YouTubers in 30 countries make shorts.

According to Neil Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer, the Shorts Fund is now available to many countries around the world, with individual channels ranging from 100 100 to ہزار 10,000. They will be asked to make short videos like Tik Tak and upload them.

The goal is to bring in younger and younger talent. YouTube said in a statement that it would pay an additional bonus on a monthly basis, but that this would include promoting your country and channel.
Pakistan is not included in the 30 countries which we are very surprised about but in other countries India, Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, These include Nigeria, Norway, the Philippines, Russia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

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