Gold Rate Today in Pakistan | 2 Oct 2021 Gold Rate | Gold Price Today | Ajj Sonay ki Qeemat

Due to the increase in the price of gold in the global market, the local barter markets also increased.

In the international bullion market, the price of gold rose by ڈالر 31 per ounce to 17 1,754, while in the local barter markets, gold prices rose by Rs 600 and Rs 514 per tola and per 10 grams, respectively, on Friday.

As a result, the price of gold per tola has gone up to Rs 114,100 and the price of gold per 10 grams has gone up to Rs 97,822 in different cities of the country. Sources in the bullion market say that the local price of gold is still Rs 1,500 less than the Dubai gold market.
In contrast, the price of silver per tola remained unchanged at Rs 1,400 and the price of 10 grams of silver remained unchanged at Rs 1,200.

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