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New research on coronavirus transmission has revealed that cats sleeping on the owner’s bed have an increased risk of coronary heart disease.

According to a report published in the British news website The Mirror, research at the University of Utrecht in Germany has shown that cats can carry the coronavirus to humans by keeping it safe in their bodies.

Dr. Ellis Bruins, who led the study, said corona-positive patients should stay away from their pets because they have the potential to transmit the virus. Experts fear that animals could re-transmit the virus to humans. And it’s more effective in cats than in dogs.
The study tested positive antibodies in two-thirds of cats and 43 dogs. Half of the dogs showed corona symptoms of weakness and loss of appetite, while some animals showed symptoms of cough and diarrhea. Forty percent of cats with cod had difficulty breathing and runny noses, while three of them were in critical condition.

“We don’t have any concerns about whether the animals have code-19 symptoms, but we do have some concerns about whether these pets can re-infect humans by storing the virus in their bodies,” said Dr. Ellis Bruins. There may be a potential risk of migration.

A similar study was recently conducted in Ontario, Canada, which found that cats sleeping on the owner’s bed were more likely to get corona.

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