Good news for Pakistan from Saudi Arabia and China| Breaking news

The United Arab Emirates launched its first spacecraft to Mars a few months ago. Instead of landing on Mars, it is orbiting it and has now sent out some very beautiful images of the Martian aurora.

The Orbit (Hope) orbital spacecraft was launched on July 19, 2020, and entered the orbit of Mars on February 9, 2021. Special assistance from the American University of Colorado was also involved in its preparation. New images of Mars now show that in the past the red planet had a deep aerial mantle that disappeared over billions of years.

Aurora, also known as Northern Lights, can be seen on the poles on Earth. When high-energy particles hit the earth’s atmosphere, they start to glow. The terrestrial magnetic system plays an extraordinary role in this. But it should be noted that the natural magnetic field of Mars is not at all like our Earth.
However, planetary geologists insist that the inner crust of the red planet Mars still has magnetism. It has now been spotted on Mars, dubbed the Secret Aurora. This spotlight is taken on Mars night but is not visible in normal daylight.

“These auroras are very dim light and state-of-the-art day-sensing devices, although designed for day-to-day imaging, hopefully, the spacecraft will be able to capture ultraviolet rays and thus Mars. Aurora is looked at in detail.

By understanding them, we can know that Mars was an important space-enveloping planet that is now spaceless and lifeless. But in this regard, it is important to understand the whole process of becoming a Martian aurora. It should be noted that Omid took pictures of the orbiting spacecraft and he will send us more details in the two-year mission.

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