Now Google can read the web page for you

You may recall that a year ago Google announced that it is now offering an option for Android devices as an assistant under which Google News or any web batch could be heard aloud. But now there is more progress.

Now you can turn off your phone and listen to web pages in three different English dialects. These include British, Australian and Indian English dialects. It can even translate into 42 languages. But so far it lacked reading languages ​​and English accents, which has been met.

You can now select one of six different sounds in the ‘Red Aloud’ option. These include the voices of men and women who report in Indian, Australian and British English dialects.
To access the feature, open Chrome or any Chrome-based browser and turn on Assistant. Now say ‘Red This’ or ‘Red It’ on the phone. That said, a new interface will open in a popup with the desired page in the middle and a playback control at the bottom. Now touch the three dot wall overflow button on the top right and select Red Aloud Voice.

From here, you can choose different English accents, including six new sounds. These voices are made with artificial intelligence.

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