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Further research into aging in a new study has revealed that aging is not a continuous process but biologically there are three periods that you can call aging aging ‘gear’.

In a lengthy study conducted in 2019, 4,000 different blood tests have been performed which have revealed that the appearance of biological aging takes a new form at the age of 34, 60 and 78 years. In this way, the rate of aging does not remain the same throughout life, but rather changes and accelerates.

This research will also help to understand and treat the physical effects of aging, organ damage and Alzheimer’s or heart disease. This study uses proteomics to determine the amount and quality of proteins in the blood.
It has been found that the amount of different proteins in the blood can be used to better predict biological aging. In this process the amount of protein in the blood or proteomes can be seen which keep changing. Sometimes they take the form of clusters, sometimes they take on a special shape, but it is more common in three different age groups which can be called the three waves of old age.

In the process, blood plasma was taken from 4,263 people between the ages of 18 and 95 and found 3,000 different types of proteins. Of these, 1,379 proteins change with age, giving a better picture of aging. This is where the biggest changes happen between the ages of 34, 60 and 78.

Although experts are unable to say why, it does explain why some patients’ internal organs, such as the liver, age faster than other organs. The study also found that men and women do not have the same rate of aging.

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