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The human genome takes a long time to read and process, but now, thanks to revolutionary technology, the entire process of processing the human genome can be performed on a normal personal computer in just a few minutes.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Pasteur Institute in France have developed new technology to read and shape the entire genome of all creatures, including humans. It uses only 20% of the resources compared to traditional methods but reads the genome 100 times faster. All the details were published in the journal Cell on September 14.

That way, the entire genome, and meta-genome can be found on a modern laptop. Thanks to this, the genetic causes of gastrointestinal disorders and related diseases can be identified immediately, ”said Professor Bonnie Berger, who is associated with the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at IT.
It is clear that when the first human genome was read in 2003, it took ten years and cost a whopping ارب 2.7 billion. Now MIT and Pasteur experts have read the genome of the fruit fly, Drosophila, and processed all the data on the pre-existing human genome. When they worked on MDBG software, they spent 33 times less time than traditional methods and 8 times less memory.

Now they tried their own software that read the genomes of 661,406 bacteria with very large data. With this technology, the entire data was searched in 13 minutes, whereas with traditional methods it could take up to seven hours. The probability of error was up to one percent.

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