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NEPRA seeks a response from K Electric in three days for generating electricity from expensive sources.

According to Express-News, NEPRA Chairman Tauseef Farooqi heard K Electric’s request to increase the price of electricity by 97 paise per unit in the context of July fuel adjustment. In its application, K Electric has stated that 14 percent of electricity was generated from furnace oil in August.

NEPRA officials said that K Elektrak was of the view that due to low pressure of the gas, better capacity plants were run less, violation of merit order caused a burden of Rs. 943.3 million, reduction of gas pressure caused a shortfall of Rs. There was a burden of Rs. 32.53 crore from the production of electricity from expensive sources. K Electric has been asked to resolve the issue of the supply of Sui Southern gas.
NEPRA officials said that K-Electric had received less power than required from NTDC. K Electric officials said that NTDC does not provide more than 1100 MW of electricity, K Electric has made a power plan for the next ten years.

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Chairman NEPRA said that K Electric is generating expensive electricity from its own sources, electricity from the national grid has become cheaper, why generate electricity from expensive sources in three days, if K Electric is within the stipulated period. If the matter is not resolved and the NEPRA team is not satisfied, they will deduct the money.

It is to be noted that the public hearing regarding the August monthly fuel charges adjustment has been completed, and NEPRA says that the authority will issue its decision after examining the data. If K Electric’s application is approved, it will impose a burden of Rs 1.76 billion on Karachi consumers.

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