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The Sindh High Court sought clarification from the police, provincial government, and others on a petition against the appointment of a blind SP in the Sindh police.

A two-member bench comprising Justice Muhammad Shafi Siddiqui and Justice Adnan Al-Karim Memon heard the petition against the appointment of blind SP Telecommunication Muhammad Ali in Sindh Police.

Petitioner’s counsel argued that the police was a force and could not accommodate any blind or disabled person. The disabled person may be a clerk, may be a financier but may not be an SP rank officer. I read a lot of judgments but nowhere is there an SP rank officer who is blind. This SP did not qualify any Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC). His badge mates (fellow officers) are still head constables but he was made SP. He himself has written in his comments that the Chief Minister has given this post. The Chief Minister has no authority to interfere in the Civil Servant Rules. If the matter is not stopped, similar appointments will continue.
The court expressed surprise over the deployment of blind SP Telecommunication. The court asked, “Can a blind officer be appointed to a higher post in the police?” How did you appoint a blind police officer? Has there been any such instance in Sindh Police?

The Assistant Advocate General stated that a blind judge had been appointed in Lahore. The nature of recruitment on the disabled quota is subject to employment. Sindh Police has one percent quota for blind people.

The court remarked that you should not hire a blind driver. You understand, first of all, there is another one. Laughter erupted over the court’s remarks.

The Sindh government’s lawyer argued that the telecommunications officer’s job was simply to pass on the wireless message. The court sought clarification from Sindh police, the Sindh government, and others.

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