Electrician Plumber Pipefitter Duct man and Insulator job in Dubai

Job Title  :-     Electrician Plumber Pipefitter Duct man and Insulator

Country Name  :-   Dubai

Visa Type :-    Contract Visa

Age Requirement :-   Above 20 Years

Experience Required :-    No

Required Languages :-   Urdu, English, Arabic

Job Source :-   Express-News

Job Description :-    This newspaper Ad contains five different visas for different jobs. The first visa is for an electrician job in Dubai. The second visa is for Pipefitter and Duct man. And finally a visa for Plumber. According to this ad applicant also pay 35000 for the protector and other maintenance. If you are sure to get these jobs please come to our office and apply for this job with your original documents.

Overtime :-   Yes

Career Level :-   Primary, Secondary, F.A

Salary :-   2930 + Overtime DHS for all jobs

Departure Status :-   Urgent

Gender :-    Female or males also

Contract Period :-   2 Years

Duty Timings :-   10 Hours

Other Benefits and perks :-   Accommodation, Meal, Transport, Medical, Visa and according to Dubai labor law

Recruitment Company: –   CHAUDHARY Recruitment Agency.  Darya minder Dinga Road, Khariyan Gujarat.

Visa Providing Company :-    Our Honorable Famous British Principal in Dubai BK GULF
Last Date for Interview: –   Not Mentioned


Communication Skills: Respond to a situation, don’t react impulsively

One another mistake that a lot of people make in professional communication is reacting to situations but not responding to them.
Now like difficult communication, there are also disagreements at work on and off may be not every day but whenever difference of opinion happens or disagreement happens between you and other person it is very important that you just don’t react in the heat of the moment because that would end up spoiling things it will spoil your professional relationship with your that colleague and make you come across as very hot headed and non professional at all so it’s very important that you learn the art of “restraint” , hold back, think about    what are you saying, think if it is valid what you are saying and responds from the place of intelligence rather than reacting from a place of anger and from a place of ego.

It’s important that you hold back in the moment if required as I said earlier make notes, state your points on paper and come back and kind of explain your point of view. Do not just react in the heat of the moment because you will not like it later and it will make you feel all embarrassed at the same time it won’t create a value because all that time what you need to be doing or your colleagues need to be doing is looking for the resolution, looking at a way of solving the problem rather than increasing the tension and escalating the problem.
So remember, always respond, and don’t just react!

Improving Communication Skills

Today are going to share with you a very big and common key communication mistake that makes you look like a fool. Try to avoid this mistake and grow professionally. When we talk about communication, it’s not only verbal communication but also non-verbal communication and written communication is also of great importance.

It’s common that people make a lot of mistakes at their jobs in the professional scenario. It could be embarrassing; it could have a negative impact on your career in the long run. In this article, we are sharing some tips tools and techniques to help you to not to make these mistakes ever so let’s get started. Let’s learn how not to make these errors.

Saying “Yes” when you actually want to say “Yes”

A big mistake that people make in their work scenario while communicating is they end up saying “yes” when they actually want to say “no”   Now saying No is awkward. It is sometimes embarrassing, it feels uncomfortable and most of us are not conditioned to say “no”. Maybe sometime somewhere in life we have said “No” to somebody and later we have felt bad about it.

Which is why it becomes more difficult to say “no” that is understandable. No need to feel bad about it. But remember that you can’t over say “Yes” because you can’t say “No”. You can say Yes when you need to say “Yes” and say No when you actually want to say “No”. To say No, you need to be assertive and you need to be able to stand your ground and say “No”. More people in a professional environment find it difficult to say “No” because they feel if they say “No” to a certain task, they will not remain in the good books of their bosses and colleagues. It’s not always easy and it’s not always viable to keep pleasing people.

Sometimes you have to take a stand and state “No” a very firm “No” for a task that is presented to you because if you take on every bit of work that comes to you that may or may not be part of your work duty so what going to happen, you will be overburdened and you are going to lose your productivity which will create problems for you. So when it’s required, you must stand your ground and be assertive. Be confident and do not get worried about repercussions and say firm but polite “No” but keep your reasons ready. You can’t say “No” without any acceptable reason. It has to be a valid reason that is acceptable to your boss and colleagues. So remember when your heart is telling you to say “No” and you feel that saying “No” is not appropriate but keep calm and say “No” It’s difficult but after a practice, you will get it.

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