Block 981,000 links with hateful and controversial content

As of January 2021, 981,000 hateful, controversial and inappropriate content links have been blocked on the Internet.

PTA has submitted a report in the Islamabad High Court that by January 2021, 981,000 links related to hateful, controversial and inappropriate content were blocked on the Internet. The highest number of links was blocked for 800,000, 65,000, 187 immoral content, more than 16,000 links for Defense Pakistan and 22,000 for spreading sectarianism.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) said in a written report submitted to the court that it had to contact them to remove controversial content on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Working with information technology.
A web management system has also been installed by instructing telecommunication companies, which is also helping to curb gray traffic. The web management system also blocks pages, URLs and links under PICA. More than 5,000 ridiculous pages and links have been blocked so far.

The online complaints portal has been given access to 36 stakeholders, including federal and provincial departments.

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