A clock-like device for estimating stress from sweat

Fear, anxiety and uncertainty have led to stress in everyday life and especially from Corona Lockdown and this condition needs to be monitored. However, experts in Switzerland have developed a wearable strap that measures mental stress from physical sweat.

In Switzerland, experts at the Ecole Polytechnic Federal de Luzen have developed a hand-held electronic device that notes the amount of cortisol in sweat. Cortisol is a hormone that is released during depression and stress.

It has been developed in the university’s nanoelectronic laboratory, which sticks directly to the skin and constantly measures the amount of cortisol in human sweat. Cortisol hormone is produced by the adrenal glands. Cortisol also has other important functions: it controls metabolism, monitors glucose levels in the body, and regulates blood pressure.
The system has been fundamentally changed by Ecole and based on this research it has been designed by XSensio Company. But remember that stress can sometimes be fatal and that is why it is important to measure it in the most sensitive patients.

According to Adrian Honesco, head of the Nano Lab team, although the blood test for cortisol is the most suitable, a small amount of it is also excreted in sweat. We have understood this whole process and put it into valuable measure.

This electric strip has a transistor and an electrode made of graphene. This whole system collectively detects cortisol in sweat. This way, experts can detect depression and stress in a person 24 hours a day.

Thanks to this invention, the whole system can be improved by detecting stress in pilots, medical staff and other sensitive people.

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