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We have all heard the name of the giant elephant with hair called mammoth. Scientists have now raised سرمایہ 15 million to clone its DNA from ordinary elephants.

This is because many of Nemeth’s bodies have been found in excellent condition in the Russian glaciers, especially in Siberia. Pulp and pieces of meat are also intact in the bones of many corpses. The area serves as a deep freezer for these animals and they are still in excellent condition thousands of years later.

About ten thousand years ago, the meme was extinct. Although their cloning has been under consideration for ten years, now a biotechnology company called Closel has raised ڈی 15 million for its revolutionary project in collaboration with Harvard’s Department of Genetics.
Half a mammoth and half an elephant

The animal that will be created in the first stage will be half elephant and half mammoth. This will be done in four stages. The first frozen mammoth will be extracted from DNA and compared to an Asian elephant. Second, Asian elephant skin cells will be taken and replaced with genetic engineering to include mammoth genes.

In the third stage, an egg will be produced with the help of stem cells. Now the nucleus will be removed from the skin cells of the Asian elephant and the center containing the DNA of the meme will be inserted. In the final stage, the egg will be fertilized by introducing it into an Asian substance. At the end of the term, a baby elephant will be born that will also have the characteristics of a mammoth.

The first mammoth elephant is expected to open its eyes to the world in the next six years. Due to its dual properties, this elephant will be able to withstand severe cold. However, scientists have identified genes from mammoths found in the icy regions of Russia that cause them to have a thick layer of fat and give them long hair. But the experience is far from over. In the first stage, a semi-mammoth elephant is expected to be born.

However, some experts have responded to this criticism by saying that the mammoth’s gestation period was longer than that of normal elephants and it remains to be seen whether it will be able to produce those traits.

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