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Apple Corps unveiled the iPhone 13 and the new iPad mini at a special event yesterday, priced at US 1, 1,067 (US 80 180,000) and US 1, 1,077 (US 83 183,000), respectively. ) Will be.

According to the details, both of Apple’s products have the same powerful “Apple A15 Bionic (5 nanometers)” chipset made by the same company and an “Apple GPU” for graphics. ۔

Both the new iPhone and the iPad mini feature the latest and fastest mobile communication technology, the five.
Other than that, the iPhone 13 and iPad mini are almost the same as the iPhones and Arabs introduced last year.

Maybe that’s why their price isn’t much higher than last year’s iPhone and iPad.

Following the online launch of the iPhone 13 and iPad mini yesterday, the process of taking pre-orders has started and the first shipment will be sent to the consumers by September 24.

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