What will WhatsApp do with users who do not accept the new terms?

: WhatsApp has implemented its controversial privacy policy since May 15, but what will happen to the accounts of those who have not accepted this policy?

On January 4 this year, WhatsApp introduced a new privacy policy for its users, which had some controversial terms. Began to move.

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WhatsApp later issued an explanatory statement denying the rumors about the new policy. However, despite all the opposition from users, the WhatsApp finally applied this policy to users around the world two days ago.

What will happen to the WhatsApp accounts of users who have not yet approved this policy is still uncertain.

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But Facebook’s instant messaging app has released a detailed statement in its recent statement about accounts that do not accept the new terms. According to which;

Your account will not be deleted

The company says that even after May 15, the accounts of users who do not accept the policy will not be deleted and the performance of WhatsApp will not be affected.

Users will continue to be reminded to accept the new terms

Although the company is not terminating accounts that do not accept the terms, users will continue to receive a reminder notification after a certain period of time until the user accepts the new terms.

Until you accept new updates, you may experience limited WhatsApp functionality. Users will not be able to access their chat list, however they can answer voice and video calls.

However, users who have enabled the notification feature can read and reply to incoming messages as well as answer missed calls.

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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding the new terms of the company clearly states that the company will also stop sending calls and messages to such customers in a few weeks.

Users who do not want to accept the new privacy update can download their chat history on Android or iPhone. Note that if you delete your WhatsApp account, you will not be able to retrieve your chat history and backups.

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