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Significant progress is being made on the city’s first under-construction mass transit system in the next few days, but the escalator at Nagan Chowrangi is being opened to the public this week.

Talking to Express Tribune, Bilal Memon, Chief Financial Officer, Sindh Infrastructure Development Company Limited, said that 21 stations have been constructed in the corridor of Green Line where escalators, lifts and stairs along with pedestrian bridges have been constructed. These escalators are now being made operational, panels have been installed in them and security arrangements have also been made for their safety. The escalator installed at Nagan Chowrangi will be made operational this week and It will be open to the public for 12 hours, after which gradually all the escalators will be opened to the public, with the help of these escalators the people will be able to cross the road easily and safely.

He said that the federal government will import 100 buses for Green Line and Orange Line of Bus Rapid Transit system by June next year, 80 buses are being procured for Green Line and 20 buses for Orange Line, all buses will be new and diesel hybrid, July. I will be testing them and they will be operational in August.
It is to be noted that Green Line Bus Project is being constructed under the supervision of Federal Government while Orange Line Bus Project is being constructed by Sindh Government. Green Line Bus Project is being constructed in two phases from Surjani Abda Mor to Municipal Park, Phase One Surjani Abda Mor. While Gurmundar civil work has been completed while electrical and mechanical work is in the final stages. The exhibition square of this phase is under construction. The roof work of the exhibition square has been completed a few months ago and it has been opened for traffic. Work is in full swing and will be completed by June this year, while the federal government has also started construction of Taj Medical Complex to Jamia Cloth on Phase-II Jinnah Road.

Orange Line Bus Project Orangi Town Office to Board Office Chowrangi is being constructed under the management of Sindh Government. This project will be completed in next few months.

Chief Financial Officer Bilal Memon told the Express Tribune about the Green Line Phaseto Taj Medical Complex to Municipal Park (Jamia Cloth) that the federal government has started work on this phase but since MA Jinnah Road is old and busy. Tareen is the road so we are working carefully keeping in view the traffic problems, heritage and other issues so that no legal issues arise, he said, adding that this phase will be completed next year.

Bilal Memon said that when 100 buses are imported in June this year, it will take a month to test them and then it will be made operational in August. These buses will run from Sarjani Abdullah Mor to Namaish Chowrangi and Orangi Town Office to Board Office Chowrangi. The bus operation will be extended to Municipal Park (Composite Cloth) when Phase Two of the Green Line is completed next year.

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