UAE spacecraft enters Mars orbit

The UAE spacecraft is the first of the US, Chinese and UAE spacecraft to reach Mars orbit since launching from Earth last year.

According to the World News Agency, the spacecraft, which started its journey just a few days apart in July last year, reached the orbit of Mars after traveling millions of miles and then successfully orbited. I have entered

Of the three spacecraft, the UAE spacecraft was the first to reach the orbit of Mars, while the US spacecraft Preserve will land on Mars on February 18. Then in April, the Chinese spacecraft will land on Mars.
Interestingly, the UAE has reached Mars for the first time this year in the race to reach Mars, becoming the fifth and first Arab country to reach Mars orbit. China tried in 2011 but was unsuccessful, while the United States has already fought the war. Many American orbiters and spacecraft have landed on Mars.

Special arrangements have been made to see and preserve this historic moment in the United Arab Emirates, while Imran Sharif, project manager of the UAE Mars Mission, said: “We are excited but some were scared, but now the situation is clear.”

While there is a line of three spacecraft to reach the orbit of Mars, there are currently a total of 6 spacecraft on the orbit of Mars, ie 3 American, 2 European and one Indian spacecraft are still in orbit.

It should be noted that the countries that have successfully landed on Mars are the United States and Russia, while there are still 2 American spacecraft active on the surface of Mars.

The Emirati mission has been dubbed ‘Peace’, which will use its three state-of-the-art equipment to study the weather, atmosphere and chemical properties of Mars.

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